Film and Video Program

The Program, expected to be one of the most popular and public-friendly events at the Biennale, aims to not only focus on the main theme of ‘Imminent Commons’ but to promote broader understanding of a city’s modern history through feature films whose narrative will show how modes of occupation and sharing of urban spaces and other common resources have changed through time, not in abstract or petrified principles but as reflected in the concrete realities of everyday life. 

Special Section

Fiction/Non-Fiction: Working, Sharing, Loving in the Cities
Narrative films and documentaries will help the viewer to understand the idiosyncratic physical features of specific cities and their buildings, and the unique ways of life such environment generated.

— Seoul Museum of History Yajugae Hall
— September 4–10
— Free admission
— Online reservation available at: ; remaining seats are available on-site on a first-come-first-served basis

Regular Sections

Masters & Masterpieces
Documentaries on world-renowned architects and buildings are featured.

Rediscovery of Architectural Heritage
Documentaries on the discovery and restoration of architectural heritage will help us to reappraise architecture’s past, present and the future.

This documentary-based section takes on a critical approach to indiscreet industrialization and urbanization, revaluing such processes from various viewpoints.

This section features movies that illuminate subjects of the art world beyond architecture— design, fashion, photography, and others.

— Arthouse Momo in ECC, Ewha Womans University
— September 11–17
— Charged admission
— Online ticketing available at:

— Oil Tank Culture Park
— September 22–24
— Free admission (first-come-first-served)