Themed Dinner 3: Tofu Summit

This restaurant is an essential component of Urban Foodshed that looks at the future of the city of Seoul through the lens of food—which results from the interaction of water, land, air, and energy—as well as problems

surrounding its production, distribution, consumption and recycling. Four of the top chefs from Eden restaurant in Chennai will reside in Seoul during the Biennale, offering vegetarian dishes from southern India at the restaurant. Every Saturday, farmers, botanists, entomologists, soil biologists, environmentalists, administrators, etc. will eat together with visitors and discuss food related issues, such as urban farming, biodiversity, seed sovereignty, farming and climate change, genetically modified food, shrinking bee populations, and sustainable

agriculture. A variety of dishes from Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine to dishes made with Korean weeds, wild beans, and native ingredients will be prepared for these themed dinners by different chefs depending on the cuisine. The number of attendees will be limited for all meals, so reservations must be made through the Biennale website.

Themed Dinner 3: Tofu Summit

Soybean, GMOs and Food Resources
Menu: stir fried tofu skin (China), tofu sushi (Japan), soybean congee (Korea), wild soybean milk, etc.
Talk: Gyuhwa Chung (agrobiologist, Jeonnam University), “Origin of Soybean and Wild Soybean as Genetic
Host: Hyewon Lee

Gyuhwa Chung