Cheonggye-Cheon, Dongdaemun Gentrification
2017.7.8. — 7.9.

Seoul Tour 01

How can we construct diverse urban space and history? In 2003, over 700 street vendors have lost their place because of Cheonggye-Cheon stream restoration project and construction of Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP). Who is benefitted from these projects, which is ostensibly led by City of Seoul? 

Although Cheonggye-Cheon is known as an environmentally friendly development, it is unhealthy in that the stream is structured to let rainwater be in directly, the number of E. Coli exceed the standard by 50 times, and the impervious rate is under 70%. Furthermore, the restoration of cultural assets, which was the biggest agenda of this project, was handled as a matter with haste. 

Listen to the City has been raising underrepresented stories and discussions of urban sustainability through publishing Hidden History of Dongdaemun Design Park and the Star Architect and organizing Cheonggye-Cheon Seoul Tour with citizens. In this workshop, Listen to the City will host a discussion about urban lifestyle and the need of diversity, and create a Cheonggye-Cheon disaster map, by walking down the stream and marking the rainwater holes and evacuation stairs in the stream using OpenStreetMap.


Day 1: July 8th 2017, Saturday (1PM—4PM, Dongdaemun Design Plaza Hobby Cafe)
Making Cheonggye-Cheon mental maps with street vendors

— Introduction to the workshop
— Lecture 1: “People expelled from Cheonggye-Cheon and DDP”, Inki Choi(Korea Democratic Street Vendors Confederation)
— Lecture 2: “Unsustainability of restored Cheonggye-cheon”, Eunseon Park(Listen to the City)
— Cheonggye-cheon mental maps with street vendors: Interviewing invited street vendors and producing mental maps.

Day 2: July 9th 2017, Sunday (11AM—3PM, Cheonggye-cheon and Dongdaemun Design Plaza Hobby Cafe)
Cheonggye-cheon tour and making a disaster map of Cheonggye-cheon

— Cheonggye-cheon Tour: The “Spring” Sculpture — Gwanggyo Bridge — Supyogyo Bridge — Gwangjang Market (Lunch) — Dongdaemun Design Plaza
— Cheonggye-cheon disaster map: In the tour, we will map rainwater holes, evacuation stairs, stepping-stones, signage and fauna and flora in Cheonggye-cheon and contribute the data to OpenStreetMap database.
— What to prepare: Cold water, comfortable shoes and cash (for lunch in Gwangjang Market)— Where to meet: The “Spring” Sculpture, Gwanghwamun Station Exit 5 (11AM)

Listen to the City

Listen to the City( is an art, design and urbanism collective consisted of artists, urban researchers and designers. Started from 2009, they have been collaborated with many designers and researchers and visualized undocumented histories and entities in urban space. Listen to the City have been interested in the relationship of power that owns space and the commons, by research and activism projects about Naeseongcheon, Okbaraji Alley, and Dongdaemun Design Plaza. In 2014, they published <Hidden History of Dongdaemun Design Park and the Star Architect>, which is about history and criticism of building Dongdaemun Design Plaza.