Participatory Workshop _ Reformable Mold : Reconfigurable Mold
2017.9.23. — 9.24.

How can we use mold making and casting that have been widely used since ancient time? Using Moldmaker 800 driven by computer-controlled motor, let us experiment castings with diverse mold and materials and discuss the future application scenarios. As Moldmaker 800 controls by a computer and powers by a motor. Let's study on the application methods of future usage of Moldmaker 800 with variety types of mold and various materials.

1st day | Sat, September 23 

- Learn how to create and demostrate shared reformable mold and study on drving methods

- Test production and casting of materials which takes more than a day (concrete, resonance, etc.)

2nd day | Sun, September 24

- Casting materials of the detype (wax, gypsum, etc.) Removal of objects forms
- Discuss on future development and direction of reformable mold

Hyun Parke

Hyun Parke is a designer who loves to bring designs to tangibility, employing any types of process. His work focuses on designing and building contraptions to make things or to perform tasks. Reformable Mold is a part of an ongoing research to question the way of current manufacturing and suggest a new perspective.