Production Talk _ Network Series _ Recycling Network

Recycling can no longer be limited to the issue of wasted but must become an integral part of the design and production process. It must take into account the wide spectrum of issues in manufacturing-from the lack of natural resources to the ethics of industrial production. These proposals will discover and bring in new kind of values that are expected to reorganize the current framework of production and benefit the producer community.


Agbogbloshie Makerspace Platform (AMP) is a social design project built around the Agbogbloshie scrapyard and e-waste processing zone in Accra, Ghana. AMP works to empower grassroots makers by reimagining recycling and making more and better, together.


BARE—Bureau of Architecture Research & Environment is committed to research-based design approach and producing contextually sensitive proposals. ‹Looping City› project proposes a new recycling system that moves away from linear product cycles and starts to close loops and to create new loops that will bring in a new mode of production.


Prag is a design studio based in Seoul, who mainly concerned with producing goods and product design, trying to find out sustainable value with manufacturing processes. 

Art and Disaster

“Art & Disaster” is a nomadic-residency-project team that they send artist disaster area and would restore children’s memory and dream by artistic activity. Art & Disaster team consisting of Korean artists visited Tacloban that attacked by destructive typhoon, and restore broken toys by using a 3D printer by the workshop. The exhibition at the Production City shows its process.

Finding e-waste

Finding E-Waste. Technology brings us many beauty. Three artist come out of the way to find out what true beauty is at its end. They want to ask what the real beauty is through journey from e-waste site to global electronics show. This project is a journey on the part of E-waste. I'd like to meet people who deal with e-waste and listen to the stories of e-waste and listen to the stories of e-waste as a livelihood. They find out what technology means and what beauty is. And learn how the needs of the technology and the beginning can be connected.