Production Talk _ Fabrication Agency Round Table _ Robotics : Materiality in Robotic Fabrication

Production City features a round table discussion series Production Talk - Fabrication Agency with diverse agents who deliver new materiality and constructive methodology.

Robotics : Materiality in Robotic Fabrication

*This session will be conducted in English.

Hyunchul Kwon

ETH Zurich, Digital Building Technologies

Architect Hyunchul Kwon is a doctoral researcher at Digital Building Technologies chair, D-ARCH, ETH Zurich, exploring new building technologies based on additive manufacturing strategies. His research focuses on multi-directional 3D printing of carbon fiber composites for architecture. He received a Master of Architecture (Dist) from The Bartlett School of Architecture UCL, where he taught and lectured thereafter. His work has been exhibited internationally in museums such as the Vitra Design Museum, the Zaha Hadid Design Gallery, the MAK Museum Vienna and the Design Exchange in Toronto.

For the Seoul Biennale 2017, Kwon presents Electrical Skin, which is a robotically 3D printed free-form façade-panel with integrated lighting. For the first time in architecture, not only the complex form, but also the electric infrastructure are fabricated in a single process. The project showcases how leaps in computation and digital fabrication can revolutionize architectural components.


HENN is an international architecture office with offices in Munich, Berlin and Beijing and 65 years of expertise in the fields of culture and office buildings, teaching and research as well as development, production and masterplanning. Continuity, coupled with progressive design approaches and methods and interdisciplinary research projects, forms the basis for a continual examination of current issues and for a consistent design philosophy. Forms and spaces are no mere objective, they are developed from the processes, demands and cultural contexts of each project.

In collaboration with Technische Universität Darmstadt, Digital Design Unit, HENN presents Communication Landscape. In the exhibition, visitors interacts with a real-time robotically-driven production line which visitors’ sounds translated into virtual geometry and materialized by an industrial robot to create their own unique objects. Visitors collectively creates the Communication Landscape.