What Moves the City? Capital and Power vs. Citizens


The owner of the city is a citizen. But cities are governed mainly by capital and power, not by citizens. If citizens fail to realize that they are owners of the city and play the role of owners, the city will be shaped and governed according to the will of capital and power regardless of citizen’s will. What if you want a livable city? There is no other way. Citizens have to take the initiative.

Seok Jeong

After graduating from the Department of Urban Engineering, Seoul National University and earning a master's and doctorate degree from the same university, Seok Jeong worked at the Seoul Policy Development Institute (now the Seoul Institute, 1994-2006) and at Kyungwon University (now Gachon University, 2007-2013). Currently, he studies and teaches urban design at the Department of Urban Engineering at the University of Seoul since 2014. He has conducted various urban design researches on various topics such as Bukchon, Insa-dong, the walkable city, and town development at the Seoul Institute. He also authored and . He continues to communicate with the public through Facebook (http://facebook.com/jerome363) and blog (http://blog.naver.com/jeromeud).