The Direction of Urban Renewal through Citizen’s Municipal Experiences


The city of citizens begins with participation. Citizens' cities are completed through governance administration where various stakeholders, especially citizens, participate, consult and reach an agreement. The possibilities and limitations of the‘city of its citizens’ will be discussed based on his experience as the scholar-turned-administrator (2nd Vice Mayor of Suwon-si for five years).

Jaejoon Lee

Jaejoon Lee is a city expert and scholar with experience of civil movements and as an administrator. He obtained a Ph.D. in engineering from Seoul National University and lectured on urban engineering for 12 years at the university. In the past five years, he has been serving as the 2nd Vice Mayor in charge of technical administration in the city of Suwon, striving to put into practice the theories. Now, he is teaching at the Graduate School of Public Policy at Ajou University, putting into practice the philosophy of civil movements such as citizen-participatory city planning, urban revitalization and town development based on the philosophy - ‘Citizens make cities’.