Happy Town as a Playground


Nowadays, a saying derived from the African proverb“it takes a village to raise a child” is used often. Here, the word ‘village’ also means a spatial environment like a playground that can help develop children's imagination and sense of adventure. To build a society where children can grow up healthy and bright, there are certain spaces that are helpful in everyday life. A space to support life - it is a playground. The community where children and adults meet through play is examined through the playground design case.

Young Bum Reigh

Young Bum Reigh graduated from the Department of Architecture, Seoul National University in 1986 and received his Ph.D. in urban space theory from the AA Graduate School in the UK in 1993. In 2002, he established the community design center through the civic group Urban Solidarity , carrying out town development activities through the design based on resident participation. Currently, he is the chief director of City and Life and expected to oversee the operation of the Seoul Urban Regeneration Support Center through private consignment. Currently, he is a professor of architecture at Kyonggi University. His major publications include<Remember the Death of City>, <The Story of Urban Regeneration in New York, London, and Seoul> (coauthored), <Read Architecture and City Through Publicness>(coauthored),<Regeneration of Residential Places Thorough Social Enterprise>(coauthored),<Our, Town Development>(coauthored), and <Issues and Tasks of Urban Town Development> (coauthored).