Disappearing Places, Emerging Places


Places are the most basic foundation in which identities of individuals and groups are formed, recognized and shared. Evolutionally, organisms develop cognition and emotions in response to opportunities and threats that arise in place. Places are also objects that are constructed and changed by cognition and emotion. Interaction with the place is the most fundamental way of survival for all living things. The same is true of urban places. The creation and disappearance of urban places correspond in some sense to the creation and disappearance of certain cultural and historical human types. And above all, there are poetic places. We talk about the poetic places of the city, the human perception and the emotion corresponding to them, in the dynamics of human communication and urban ecosystem.

Bo-Seon Shim

Professor, Department of Culture and Arts Management, Kyunghee Cyber University. He is a poet and sociologist. He earned a bachelor's and master's degree in sociology at Seoul National University and a Ph.D. in sociology at the Columbia University. He also serves as editor of the humanities and art magazine <F> and authored books of poems<People who are not in front of you> and <Fifteen seconds without sadness> and prose book <Arts Burned>.