Concrete Utopia Reboot: Citizens of Nations, Citizens of City and Consumers


The process of the apartment complexes of Seoul becoming entangled with the civil narratives of the citizens in the modernization process of the city is examined. The apartment is a residential space that has played a key role in achieving the dream of 'owning my house' in a different part of the country, helping individuals acquire the identity of the 'middle class' and a real estate product that helped individuals play the role of 'consumer' through accumulating assets through the bubble of the high growth period. At the time when people are increasingly pessimistic about the future, the keywords like 'apartment', 'citizens', 'middle class', and 'consumer' will serve as an instrumental magnifying glass, helping us to look into the internal dynamics of social movements over the past 50 years and the structure of mentality formed in the process.

Haecheon Park

Assistant Professor at the Department of Public Design, Dongyang University. He has authored <Interface Chronology> (2009), <Concrete Utopia> (2011), <Apartment Game> (2013) and <Modernity of Mayhem> (2013) as a design researcher. In 2014, he jointly planned the archive exhibition on humanities [read the following sentence] at Ilmin Museum of Art.