Commons and Innovation: A New Paradigm to Imagine the Future


The city of Seoul has developed dramatically, and the scope of citizens’ participation in the city’s policies has also expanded. In the past, economic development and quantitative growth have been the main focus of policies, but now people have a greater interest in welfare and qualitative growth, and are increasingly looking for new solutions that are focused on people. Among these solutions, ‘commons’ and ‘innovation’ can explain the future direction of Seoul and future cities. In this lecture, we will identify the relationship between the change of Seoul and the new paradigm of the future with the keywords of sharing and innovation, and discuss future challenges.

Hyo Gwan Jun

Head of Seoul Haja Center and Youth Hub Center. Hyu-Kwan Jeon is a professor at the Graduate School of Culture at Chonnam National University and the first committee member of the Korean Culture and Arts Committee. He is now Director General of Seoul Innovation.