About Social Capital of the City


Cities are places where 'social capital' is gathered as well as 'capital'. This lecture looks at the definition of social capital, the cases of publicity created through social capital, and jointly imagine the processes for building a better city.

Eunseun Park

Eunseun Park is a director at Listen to the City and studied urban engineering. Listen to the City is an urban collective ofartists, urban researchers, and designers founded in 2009. Since its foundation, it has worked with a number of external collaborators outside of its current members, mainly to visualize the city's unrecorded history and beings. Since 2009, Listen to the City has been conducting various surveys and researches on the river since the Four Rivers Project, and the main activities are not limited to the environment or the urban environment but covers researches on ‘the relationship of power that owns the space’. Also, Listen to the City has argued that streets, plazas, and cities as well as rivers, mountain, air and water can be seen as part of the commons and taken issue with such commons being privately owned by small groups based on their interests.