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*This program will be conducted in Korean.

On the Culture Day (every last Wednesday of a month), visitors can enjoy Curator’s Talk program. Audiences can experience the exhibition or project with a guide of curator, and can communicate with him or her directly. This program will be offered at the sites where actual exhibitions or projects are held.

Yerin Kang(SoA)


Yerin Kang leads SoA (Society of Architecture) with Chihoon Lee, Jae Woen Lee who are working on building environments of various scales through analysis of social conditions of city and architecture. SoA is practicing architectural capabilities in various forms such as furniture, interior design, public art, research, publishing, directing, writing, architecture, and urban planning. SoA won the Young Architects Program(Y.A.P) of M.M.C.A, Korean Young Architect Award(2015) and Kim Swoo Guen Preview Awards(2016) and was selected to be a finalist of Emerging Architecture 2016 by the Architectural Review. 

Jie-Eun Hwang


Jie-Eun Hwang is an associate professor at University of Seoul. Her research interests include spatial information representation, digital tectonics, design media and interface, open data. As an educator, new media experiment and alternative education are also recent challenges. She pursued various research projects, including: developing participatory mobile augmented reality contents, developing a spatio-temporal timeline system for monitoring public space, developing index system for monitoring UNESCO heritage. Art galleries: Gallery Factory, Gwangju Design Biennale, Culture Station Seoul 284, and Kumho Gallery, have invited her for media art installations that represent social commons.