Craft to Technology, Object to Branding, Material to Program

Projects developed around technology, branding and program are reviewed among BKID's recent works in various fields of manufacturing on the basis of industrial design. The final project outputs and process/references from the perspective of the intermediary connecting each field are discussed and the roles of industrial designers are expanded. From the earthenware made of clay to the latest new electric vehicle in the BMW’s i-series lineup and from the up-cycle furniture brand Matter & Matter to the iron casting brand MM and to the modular program of the modular tray brand APOP starting from the 82mm grip circle, various projects that can be used to examine manufacturing from various viewpoints based on industrial design are introduced.

BongKyu Song

BongKyu Song was graduated from Kookmin University, majored in Industrial Design. He worked for Samsung Electronics Mobile Communication Division as a product designer. While working at Samsung, he lead the design for the first tablet, the galaxy tab. In 2008, he independently estabilised a design studio, SDESIGNUNIT. In this design studio, mainly he designed product, lighting, furniture design and also ran a research about the interaction between the object and the environment. In 2007 to 2008, he directed and exhibited the project, “the undesigned objects- UNDESIGNED”. In 2012, he directed the exhibition, Sulhwa Culture which Amore Pacific supervised. Not only that but also worked with the Global clients including BMW, Audi, Samsung Electronics, Siemens, Kimberly-Clark Professional, Dell and etc, mainly ran projects for product design, brand strategy which was based on design identity and advance design. Also, he worked for brand’s design consulting with Amore Pacific, Daerim Industry, Coway/Cosmetic, CJ, LG, Design House, KT, SK, Jeil Industry, Seoul Arts Center and more clients.