City Letters Report


In a big city where complex forms of life are intertwined, diverse characters, just like diverse people, reveal the ecology and personality of the city, are born, live, change, and disappear. In the daily life of the citizens, letters reveal the true face of the city, and they are maintained and coordinated as part of the public design policy.
In this lecture, we cover five different categories of coexistence between letters and people in cities around the world: Seoul, Jeju, London, Paris, Tokyo, Stockholm, Hong Kong, Minneapolis and St. Paul.

1. Letters branding the city
2. Letters that enable the city to function well
3. Letters that fit naturally with the city
4. Urban letters suggested by designers
5. Eccentric letters from flexible ideas

 As a rich example of these landscapes that are not defined as a single framework is presented, it will serve as an opportunity to refine a citizen's viewpoint to appreciate letter formations, to form an eye for them, to establish standards of judgment to examine character design policies as public goods in the public domain.

Jiwon Yu