Common Library

Books and prints have long been used as a medium for sharing knowledge and information. Since the invention of mass production of printed materials, our society has become increasingly familiar with the universal knowledge and information provided by mass media. On the other hand, the knowledge communities such as independent publishers, independent bookstores, and infoshops have been growing rapidly in major cities around the world since 2000, and they have become a place to hear various voices of our society while keeping their small scales. Common Library is basically intended to provide visitors with books and printed materials related to the Seoul Biennial 2017’s theme, giving them an opportunity to deeply understand and experience the Seoul Biennale. In addition to the bookstore and archive, Common Library infoshop will serve as a platform for visitors to permeate their voices into the Seoul Biennale. Finally, we talk about the landscape and architectural possibilities of our society through the works of artists and architects working in various fields such as art, design and photography. This is expected to show the possibility of how far contemporary architectures can expand and be differentiated by collaborating with other domains.