Common Library

Independent bookstores, which have been emerging recently, are growing while engaging with the local communities according to their own viewpoints. Therefore, the collections of independent bookstores become the microscopic histories of local communities and unique archives of creators engaged in the activities in the cities. Common Library will be run in cooperation with Book Society, a bookstore and project space opened in Mapo-gu in 2010. Through the results of producers who are performing the activities outside the mainstream media, it will prove to be an opportunity to take a look at how we recognize and perceive a city.

Common Library is composed of a bookstore, an exhibition, book archive and audience-participating programs.  It aims to show the various works of publishers, writers and communities which approach architecture and urbanism with multifaceted attitudes and viewpoints. They focus on how architecture and urban issues, in the domain of independent publication, which has been invigorated all over the world as well as in Korea, are viewed and expressed.