City Conference


Arts and the City

The rapid changes of the city through architecture, environment, economic structure, public space and community have brought enormous changes to the daily lives of humans in the city. How should the arts integrate these ever-changing circumstances in the city? What role do the arts and technology play in the development and culture of a city? And how can the arts and technology provide people in the cities with opportunities to think about the city in more diverse, different and inclusive ways. Artists, curators, producers, and policy makers from UK and Korea will share and discuss their views and ideas, and will question about the role of arts and culture for the future city.

Part I : Five ways to contemplate the city

The first half of the conference, will share <Five ways to contemplate the city> through presentations from Great London Authority, Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism, The Illuminated River Project in London, British Council in Korea and Public arts in the city of Seoul.

Moderator : Ilwoo Joo (Director, Ieum Publisher)

#1     Justine Simons OBE  |  Deputy Mayor, Culture and Creative Industries

#2     Hyungmin Pai  |  Co-Director, Seoul Biennale 2017

#3     Kyu Choi  |  Creative Director of UK/Korea 2017–18, British Council

#4     Sarah Gaventa  |  Director, The Illuminated River

#5     Kyuchul Ahn  |  Professor, Korea National University of Art

Part II: Creatives' views of the City

Artists, producers and curators from Connected City, Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism and Busan Inter-city arts projects will share their experiences in taking part of these city projects. Creatives will talk about their findings, challenges and learning points, and then will share some suggestions for the development of cultural identity in the city.

Moderator : Jisun Park(Creative Producer of Connected City)

#1     Soo-in Yang  |  Curator of Walking the Commons, Seoul Biennale 2017

#2     Hilary O'Shaughnessy  |  Producer of Playable City

#3     Suna Choe  |  Producer of Maker City – Seogyedong

#4     Nick Luscombe  |  Producer of Musicity

#5     Miryoung Oh  |  Producer of Storytelling City

#6     Seungwook Lee  |  Director of Busan-Sheffield Inter-city Arts Project

Connected City