39 T Sensing Jason Kelly Johnson Future Cities Lab

Chronosphere is an immersive theater for seeing, hearing and interacting with the complex flows of data being captured by the network of urban sensors throughout our cities. The cloud-like installation is composed of suspended illuminated planes that serve as portals into this digital world of flowing points, lines and variable forces. The Chronoscopes installation’s floating planes will act as portals to reveal the dynamic urban data that flows around us. These virtual portals blend the digital realm with the physical one, creating a system that expands the limits of urban public space. Reading in API sensor data from the surrounding city through Seoul’s open data system, Chronosphere will offer a real-time peek into the live and evolving sensor data of the city. As data networks are formless and spaceless, what happens when they are overlaid on the thousand-year-old urban network? How can we begin to thread this sensor data back into the flows of the city?