Moving Parts: How the Design of Vehicles Shapes Cities

29 1 T Moving Philipp Rode 1

This project explores the links between vehicle design, operation, urban form, and city life. At a time of rapid socio-technological change, it acknowledges the critical role of designing urban vehicles and its little understood consequences for urban development. This contribution is underpinned by an exploration of the city's “moving parts” historically, currently, and in the future. The historical component features street scenes, photos, commercials, and plans illustrating the shift towards the modern, car-oriented city. Turning to the present, the exhibition investigates the tension between smarter, lighter vehicles and gas-guzzling, four-wheel drive models. Finally, new developments and future visions of vehicle design are presented. This includes technologies such as electric vehicles, slow- and high-speed autonomous vehicles, and new materials, while also highlighting emerging movements beyond traditional car design and use. The consequences of vehicle automation – and how it can (re)shape our cities – is explored through the potential scenarios of autonomous ownership versus autonomous sharing.