Driver Less Vision

T Moving Urtzi Grau

Driver Less Vision explores the conflicts untapped by the deployment of autonomous vehicles and its disruptive effect in urban environments. The arrival of driverless cars to the city entails the emergence of a new type of gaze that is required to negotiate existing visual codes. Currently, the visual stimuli that organizes urban traffic is designed for human perception. Assuming that driverless cars will adapt to the current conditions requires to forget the history of transformations of streetscape associated to the changes in vehicular technologies. Driver Less Vision is an attempt to understand how driverless car will change the city by asking the audience to look at the city from the car’s point of view. Using a eight meter diameter dome and 360 visuals developed in collaboration with Ocular Robotics, University of Technology Sydney and Rice University, Driverless Vision will construct an immersive environment where humans will “see” the city the way cars do.