25 T Making Sine Lindholm

Growmore is an urban gardening modular design that enhances our awareness of local production by offering a ‘pause’ architecture in the high paced urban scenery, for people to produce their food locally. Growmore is representing an ideology that emphasizes a sharing culture, local production- and- maker movement and challenges the way we think about products, design and architecture. Growmore is exemplifying this approach by sharing the drawings of the design open source; we want to participate in, and enhance, the local production- and- maker movement. The elements in the modular system are flexible as they can be assembled in many different ways, making it possible to create one’s own personal structure that fits perfectly into the specific context. In the high-paced city scene Growmore is offering an ‘oasis’ or ‘pause’ architecture that should be used as a human recharger. When the structures are placed around in the urban-scenery, as small nests, they not only provide a platform for social meetings and growth of vegetation, but also act as retreats to remind us to take a break and connect with nature.