The Anthropocene Style: The Architecture Collection


The form and materiality of buildings have followed different styles throughout the History of Architecture, evolving for a variety of reasons including new methods of construction, development and discovery of new materials, new climate criteria and political cultural and social input. Given the vast impact of climate issues today, we believe a new architectural style is again imminent. Our ambition is to offer a new style in the History of Architecture, an “Anthropocene Style”. This style attempts to re-engage exterior design and decoration to meet the contemporary challenges of sustainable development, reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in buildings, and improve outdoor comfort. This involves many scales of consideration, from the geometry of walls  and building form, to urban design, and even includes street materials and furniture. This style will reconsider materials and their physical behaviors in applications that reduce the conduction of excess heat accumulated on ceilings and increase the coefficient of thermal insulation of walls. This exhibition is a first step toward demonstrating some of the principles and tactics of this "Anthropocene Style."