CELL•O: New Balance between Urban Lifestyle and Nature


Four NATURE-CELLs (CELL · O, CELLA, MOSS-CELL, and BOX-CELL) propose a new way of nature of the city. The new nature that constitutes the order of imminent commons is that overcomes the constraints of time and space, is able to easily and conveniently experience, and at the same time is shared and connected to create new demand. NATURE-CELLs are the materials of appropriate size and characteristic that expand the possibilities of this nature, and are brought together like cells and transferred to urban spaces and urban lifestyles.

1) CELL · O is a Green Lego in urban lifestyle and is lightweight and easy to assemble and disassemble. Combined with fog irrigation system and IoT technology, it expands the possibility of urban greening, urban farming and urban biofilters. 2) CELLA is a minimum unit module that helps the formation of nature. It is characterized by heterogeneous porosity and causes subtle changes of soil, water, sunlight and wind, and triggers the formation of nature. 3) MOSS-CELLs are minimal unit modules that deal with moss and are a tool of expression mediated through nature. 4) BOX-CELL is a material that holds the earth and nature, and can be freely combined with the size and weight that can be moved by the power of the individual. BOX-CELLs are useful as materials for urban gardening and urban farming, but occasionally form nature by themselves in conjunction with natural phenomena such as air movement, rain, and wind.

NATURE-CELLs are a way to respond to urban changes and unpredictability, and a new lifestyle that everyone can easily enjoy the nature of their own desires. Through this, the daily life and nature of the city will be connected more positively and more interestingly.