Walking the Commons / Soundlines


A city is a super-organism, the result of an emergent phenomenon in which the intimate interactions of the sub-structures lead to new features of the superstructure. Even the micro-act of people who move to another region leads to macro-structural development of the city, However, it is extremely difficult to observe this evolution which takes place over a very long period of time from a human’s point of view.

The Soundlines project seeks to expose the essential attributes of these cities―the macroscopic structure that grows through bottom-up processes― through urban environmental data. This data maps the interaction between virtual ecosystems and human beings. By exploring the sound forest through a mobile app, pedestrians will be able to experience the urban mechanism that exists beneath the daily space. The sound forest grows from multi layered data which constitutes the urban environment.

In multi-zoned sites, data that quantifies the urban environment provides growth for virtual botanical communities. The plant species that constitute each community produces sounds of different texture. While walking through the sound forests, visitors will experience the various sound combinations generated by the plants. Visits to each area will then again become important data which will determine the advancement of the forest ecosystem. The constructed sound forest ecosystem is the result of the interaction between urban space and human beings as well as an auditory reflection of the bottom up processes of the urban mechanism.
While experiencing the urban space in a synesthetic way, the visitor’s footprints are left behind in the forest and are converted into sound form through an emergent process which repeats the life cycle.


Programming : Sewon Ahn, Donghoon Yi, Gang Il Yi, Kayip (Woojun Lee)

Visual Design : NOVAXP, Sewon Ahn

Server Programming : Umur Gedik