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Playable City 2017_Seoul

The Playable City concept has captured the imagination of cities across the globe, offering a new way of connecting people, and thinking about the city. Started in Bristol by Watershed, Playable City has expanded to places as Lagos, Recife and Tokyo, exploring the future city with team of local artists and creatives, generating new ideas rooted in the specific city environment. Over three days in Seoul, Playable City will invite the public to a suite of specially made ‘Urban Games’ that will take place along and surrounding the Cheonggyecheon stream near Sewoon Plaza.

* The Playable City_Seoul is a part of 'UK/Korea 2017–18' 《Connected City》 that is hosted by British Council, Seoul Metropolitan Government, and Seoul Design Foundation.

Game Collaborator 

Simon Johnson 

Game Mentor 



Bang & Lee
Borahm Kim
Eunkyung Lee & Minji Kim
Eunju Hitchcock-Yoo & Do One Im
Sookhyun Yang
Sun-Jung Kim