Walking the Commons / Connected City (Joint Project)

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As a part of the 'UK/Korea 2017–18', Connected City is a project that enables people living everyday life in a quickly changing urban environment to observe and feel the city in a new way through art. Korean and British artists are working together to connect local communities in the city and are creating new opportunities to see the everyday city where art and technology meet from a new perspective.



Musicity commissions recording artists to compose original music in response to a particular aspect of their city that inspires them. These exclusive tracks are then geo-tagged to their locations throughout the city and can only be heard by visiting each location through the purpose-built app. The idea is to encourage people to explore cities architecturally, musically and experientially. 


(27–29 OCTOBER)

The Playable City concept has captured the imagination of cities across the globe, offering a new way of connecting people and thinking about the city. Started in Bristol by Watershed, Playable City has expanded to places such as Lagos, Recife and Tokyo, exploring the future city with a team of local artists and creatives, generating new ideas rooted in the specific city environment. Over three days in Seoul, Playable City invites the public to a suite of specially made ‘urban games’ that take place along and surrounding the Cheonggyecheon stream near Sewoon Plaza.


(Changsin-dong: 2 SEPTEMBER – 5 NOVEMBER)

Project Seoul Apparel (Seoul Biennale Live Project : Production City), a residency and exhibition project, identifies the urgent issues facing the declining garment manufacturing businesses of the Changsin-dong area of Seoul through collaboration between UK and Korean architects and fashion designers. 

(Seogye-dong: 27 OCTOBER – 5 NOVEMBER)

The Maker City residency and exhibition project builds on these themes and considers the role of community engagement and participation in the development of a productive city. Working with the Urban Regeneration Center of the Seoul Metropolitan Government, architects from UK practice Studio NEON will undertake a four-week residency in the Seoul Station manufacturing district to explore urban regeneration challenges in the area through artistic collaboration and exchange between local makers and artists and community engagement. 


(27–29 OCTOBER)

Through Performing City various works such as Chorus, a collective of monumental and transfixing sound sculptures by sound artist Ray Lee, a collaborative performance by UK musician from Musicity and Korean choreographer, Small Wonder Tour, a tour of microscopic world and VR Playground, an immersive installation by Brendan Walker are introduced.

 <Chorus> is a part of Arts Council Korea and Arts Council England Joint Fund project


(20–24 SEPTEMBER / 27–29 OCTOBER)

Storytelling City project pairs UK and Korean writers and webtoon artist/graphic novelist together in order for them to work closely on the production of new creative works of writing and graphic novel/webtoon. The collaborations take place over a series of visits to both Korea and the UK and both the process and the final outcomes are showcased at the Wow Book Festival this year and Bradford Literature Festival next year, and online in both countries. 



The rapid changes of the city through architecture, environment, economic structure and community have brought enormous changes to the daily lives of humans in the city. How should arts incorporate these ever-changing circumstances in the city? Through this conference, new relationships within places, arts, technology and communities in the city will be introduced and discussed.

Hosted by: British CouncilSeoul Metropolitan Government, Seoul Design Foundation

Organised by: Producer Group Dot, Urban Regeneration Center of Seoul Metropolitan Government, Seoul Walk, Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism