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Project Seoul Apparel seeks to improve the existing manufacturing working conditions in Changsin-dong through an application of sustainable operational methods on unit-factory. Industrial production in Changsin-dong, the core of the Dongdaemun fashion district, has declined in scale and quality. This project focuses on human component of the garment industry and its urban organizational potential. Consideration is given to a new industrial model of the cluster that can function in  both a minimally intrusive context and as a catalyst for change. Young designers and freelancers called gaekgong (temporary workers) collaborate as users of the unit-factory, which  contributes to their enhanced role within the community. The results of their coordination process are saved within this project space. The two groups and their design archive demonstrate the garment district’s enhanced production capability.

Parallel Scenarios from JongkwanPaik

Koo Young Han’s work Guide to Seoul Apparel is a map/guide leading young designers on a path to understanding and developing production techniques within the industrial ecosystem of the Changsin area. Fashion designer Heeyoung Jung uses this guide to producing garments; its repeated nature is described as the Changsin Wardrobes. Architects Jieun Lee and Seoyeon Cho applied their respective approaches, Prototypical Factory—the materialization of the newly proposed industrial system— and Facade Platform—the conceptualization of a factory facade as a reflection of a compressional urban environment. Luke Stevens and Marie Maisonneuve, emerging fashion designers from UK launched works that emphasize the potential of the garment district and its uniqueness as outsiders looking in through the glass of Efficient Aesthetics. The result was an aesthetic pleasure discovered in respect towards the existing and newly achieved efficiency. Movie director Jongkwan Paik’s video, Parallel Scenarios, traces the course of the project’s development and speculates the various strata of Changsin’s relationship network through framing and montage. 

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‘UK/KOREA 2017–18’ Connected City Joint Project
Seoul Design Foundation Sewing Industry Support Team Joint Project

Advised by Soon-ok Chun, RCA Fashion Programme