Production City / Efficiency Aesthetics

Efficiency Aesthetics 1 

Luke Stevens

Presented through the graphic codes of factory ephemera, EA1 features observations on themes of hybridity and the complex multiplicities of re-appropriation at work within the global fashion industry. These observations are transformed through a process of repeated translation, revealing the poetics present within this breakdown of brand logos and consumer slogans. Through an extensive residency and working with specialists in Chansin-dong, EA1 includes Seoul within a global debate about the speed and retranslation of fashion where the ‘original’ or origins of a design are now impossible to trace or track. The language of fashion, its translation and the reappropriation of luxury branding/signifiers is represented to suggest Seoul is repositioning itself as a very knowing and reflexive community of makers with a burgeoning young designer led fashion culture.

Efficiency Aesthetics 2

Marie Maisonneuve

EA2 reflects the importance of the human network within Changsin-dong, enabling a complex yet efficient industry. The knitted harness produced in the UK creates an emotional container for the worker. Locally mass-produced knitted bags introduce the notion of time, care and sustainability. The content of the bags compare the components used within the two locations.

Efficiency Aesthetics 3

Luke Stevens + Marie Maisonneuve

EA 3 is a series of hand-customised Tosi, or the garments widely worn by workers within the manufacturing industry. Mass-produced by local factories, the Tosi become a platform to gather comments on the future of the manufacturing industry in Changsin-dong. Testimonies are collected from a wide range of sources—from the factory floor to government—offering a place for both celebration and critique.