Production City / Format Variable

Format Variable examines the path that paper, which is the symbolic standard of the printing industry, changes into physical time and space through printing and book-making process. Dummy books of sixteen different formats will be made with this Kukgeonji (636x939mm, Mojoji 100g/m2), including standard and non-standard size. These sixteen different dummies are installed in a bookcase that fits their various volume and contain physical information of the specification in an organic relationship of paper, plate, and book.

These sixteen formats are expanded from Format Variable to be used as a booklet for the Production City in the Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism 2017. The information of this exhibition is placed on different format according to loose connection and suggests the function of printed matter. The visitors collect the prints and directly binds them to create a booklet containing the narrative of the individual.

Format Variable ⓒ Na Kim