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Design process accompanies unrealized ideas given various circumstances. Yet sometimes it is far more stimulating and prevalent to speculate distinct solutions for the unrealized ideas and to make efforts to narrow distance between the ideal and the reality. Production City features a round table discussion series Production Talk - Fabrication Agency with diverse agents who deliver new materiality and constructive methodology, and the exhibition of Wirye Residence ManuFaBrick as a representative case of collaboration among agents.

Fabrication Agency ⓒ TechCapsule
Fabrication Agency ⓒ TechCapsule

Wirye Residence ManuFaBrick

In masonry construction, corners are laid out first, then the space between the two corners are filled in. In Wirye Residence, the first brick layer is laid parallel to the ground then the following layers gradually follow the curve of the U-shaped roofline, making the corners appear to lift up. The 600 bricks that are laid in the corners of this complex masonry work should be cut in diagonal lines of constantly varying angles. We used a robot arm with a traditional grinder attachment for cutting the bricks to establish precise corner conditions.  - Lifethings(Soo-in Yang)

ManuFaBrick is a project showing that an industrial robotic arm can intervene as a digital fabrication machine in the processes of producing and fabricating an atypical brick wall, thereby offering new potential to bricks. ManuFaBrick is an exhibition that displays possibilities for architect’s intervention in brick form formation, the new potential of an industrial robotic arm as general-purpose machining equipment, and preparations required of the relevant industry to cope with new changes. - B.A.T

Round Table : Fabrication Agency

Neo manufacturing opens new possibilities of production, thus new approaches towards a pragmatic solution for materials, building components, and construction methods. This Round Table series invites architects and experts who challenge and experiment new potentials of technology in their practice. It aims to raise meaningful questions through discussion about their problem-solving process.  

Mon Sept, 4     Robotics: Materiality in Robotic Fabrication
Wed Sept 13    Brick: Niche of Universality
Wed Oct 11     Metal: Lucid Touch of Craftsmanship
Wed Oct 25     UHPC: Struggles for New Material

*Detailed information will be posted on September 1st.

In Collaboration with Samhan C1, Joyoung Industry, Hyung-gul Kook, Junghoon Lee, et al.