Multiple System of Urban-Rural Integrated City: Yeongju’s Public Architecture Masterplan

Yeongju, a city located in North Gyeongsang Province, South Korea, is city that combines urban and rural characteristics. In the context of the economic decline of small, medium-sized regional cities in Korea since 1990’s, Yeongju has been in a constant state of crisis. In 2010, the city established the Yeongju Design Management Team, becoming the local-government in Korea to launch a public architecture initiative. Centered on the implementation of public architecture and design-related policies, it became a model of urban regeneration for other Korean cities. The Master Plan for the Integration of Public Architecture and Space, recognized for its achievements by the central government and its various ministries, was a project that played a critical role throughout the process. Above all, it was embraced and welcomed by local residents who became active participants. The installation introduces Yeongju’s adapted master plan in four parts: restoration, history, housing environment, and culture and sports.