The Other Factory: Late-Industrial Organization and Form

This research-based installation consists of a close investigation into the process of industrialization in 20th century Shanghai. It reveals the city’s particular history and potential, identifying industrialization’s knock-on effects in the context of a relentless form of urbanization synonymous with China in the last decade. As a by-product of the global manufacturing economy, this process has led to the formation of unsuspecting and alienated consumers around the world whose lives are cross-subsidized by the poorer newly industrialized cities. In Shanghai, the late-industrial and post-industrial built forms would in turn become an instantaneous building stock for the next invention of a city. Shanghai’s late-industrial forms and organization would suggest that industrial typology is highly unstable and evolving, requiring a stronger hybridity. The Other Factory is a tripartite installation of historical analyses, urban models, and architectural interventions. The various effects of urban and economic policies, built forms, expatriate and informal labor, open spaces, and corporate formations have been mapped over three selected sites.