Spatial Frameworks: City Strategy in the 21st Century

Over 200 years ago Sydney was established as a penal settlement, and much of its development since then has been the result of a mixture of opportunism and speculation. The incredible landscape and environment seemed, until recently, immune to any impact, regardless of the extent and type of city development. But the world-wide challenges experienced as a result of rapid urban growth of the recent past demand a more considered response to resourcing, sharing, sustainability, and resilience. A design-led methodology is being developed in Sydney for place-based, spatial strategies that operate at the scale of the precinct. A key opportunity of the work is the embedding of these strategies and resultant logics into political processes and planning systems. To foster the equitable distribution of commons, the Spatial Framework process seeks a synthesis of this spatial intelligence with substantial engagement processes across the political and bureaucratic realms. The heart of this is the protection of the unique environments and places that characterize Sydney.