Macao Shaped by Use: Formalizing the Vernacular Customization of the City

Macao Shaped By Use is a spatial installation that displays a study on the layer between the public and the private; more specifically, on the shapes that are generated by the inhabitant’s customization of public space. From the urban morphological standpoint, these vernacular customization devices—canopies, annexes, hawker booths, outdoor ads, rooftop houses and caged windows—are urban elements that, despite its minimal scale, influence the use and shape of the city. The exhibition is organized in three parts: Type, Section and Doc. Type defines the essential nature, form, and function of each of the six vernacular customization devices. Section highlights the layer between the domains of the public and private, displaying the formal variations of each type and their relation within the urban space. Doc frames each type of device documenting their collective impact on Macao’s urban landscape. Macao Shaped By Use showcases a typo-morphology essay on these vernacular devices, hence providing an analytical methodology for this and other similar urban contexts.