From Antiquity to Tomorrow: The People’s Water Project

The water of Athens, protected and equitably distributed since the first “waterkeepers” of Greece in the 6th century BC, is now in the custody of EYDAP. This project presents a historical overview of the water supply and management of this ancient city that has faced water shortage since its founding days. Through the framework of a digital map of historical water sites and the contemporary hydrological networks of Athens and the district of Attica, this interactive project creates the experience of being able to make links across different eras and locations, and people of different communities, neighborhoods and ancestries. The connective possibilities generated by this network grid make possible new symbolic narratives between all the people—ancient Athenians to today’s transient Syrian refugee population—who have at one time in history accessed the waters of Attica. The principal message within this project is to show that the way in which the natural resource of water is valued and shared within a society is a key issue in guaranteeing the rights of citizens—a contentious topic around the world today.