Dolchanggo: Between Home and Nomadism, Jeju Rurbanism

Dolchanggo, a regional stone-made warehouse in Jeju, focuses on its changing role within the recent transformations of Jeju Island. The dolchanggo is traditionally constructed out of basalt rock, a natural resource of Jeju. However, through various processes of regeneration and the passage of time, the significance of this structure has moved from being the symbol of settlement to an icon of nomadism. Today the dolchanggo has become an important intersection for long-term residents and newcomers to meet and form new communities. They have also become the symbols of the integration of urban with rural communities, epitomizing both the “Jeju phenomenon” and “rurbanism.” Through the story of the Dolchanggo, the installation introduces Jeju’s natural and artificial environments and process of its transformation. It presents the new forms of Jeju’s dolchanggo that demonstrate the revival of these structures and the new ways it is used as a contemporary space.