Amsterdam Approach

Amsterdam faces the challenge of safeguarding the quality of life amidst exponential growth. How can Amsterdam maintain equality, diversity, liveability and loveability? Can overall planning, imagination and community-based design accommodate growth and integrate new systems? Amsterdam is in the midst of a process of determining the key challenges and questions about the city its citizens want it to be. Amsterdam Approach highlights the need to clarify and reload the story of “Why do we plan?’, “How do we do it?’ and “With whom do we plan?” It furthermore specifies what is necessary to achieve this. Concerning strategies that focus on transformation, densification of existing areas, accessibility, sustainability, building communities, open and green spaces, inclusiveness and functional diversity. After all, Amsterdam is for everybody! The studies are put forward in constant dialogue with inhabitants, entrepreneurs, property developers, educational institutions and public organizations using the “Amsterdam Principles” and leading to a new vision of the future city.