London, Annex


Place, Spaces, Work

The creative industries are the fastest growing sector of the UK economy. This growth is part of an international trend taking place as technology
rapidly evolves and awareness of the economic, social and civic value of creative work increases. At the forefront of this evolution is London, one of the world’s creative centres. As the largest city in the UK and Europe, it is home to established creative businesses as well as start-ups, active artistic and cultural scenes and world-class educational institutions, making it both a global destination and a vibrant place to live and work.
Place, Spaces, Work explores the relationship between London’s creative sector and the city’s geography, history, built environment, and civic life, shown through a range of mapping techniques and scales. It presents examples of the inventive reuse of buildings by the creative industries, illustrating the diverse social and economic activity they bring to London’s existing building stock. The maps and drawings presented in this exhibition are extracted from a new publication titled: Place, Spaces, Work: The Creative Industries in London, co-published by Publica and The Store Studios, 180 The Strand.