Mexico City

23 멕시코시티

A Living Laboratory to Prototype: The Future of the Cities We Want

What kind of city do you want? Our aim is to instigate citizens’ imagination by involving them in larger scale conversations which provides us the tools to envision and articulate the city we all want. We imagine a creative, open, playful, and pedestrian city in which citizens contribute to its creation. The very first step in our creative process starts with a provocation. More than a simple question, provocations are a first step towards finding solutions. 
The aim of this activity is to provoke a new thought process in which everyone will be able to visualize how people from different countries conceive their ideal city. This intervention will allow the attendees of the Seoul Biennale 2017 to experience, through Labs lenses, the power of collaboration and data visualization. This tangible evidence will enable us to contrast the overlooked connections among different cultures and the kind of city we want.