San Diego/Tijuana


Living Borders

The San Diego/Tijuana installation focuses on the share natural landscape of the two cities. The Tijuana River Watershed is a 4,532km2 basin that lies on both sides of the international border. The large topographic map of the San Diego-Tijuana region with the outline of the watershed is the platform for the exhibition. Living Borders contemplates landscape as the new amalgamating medium that binds regional urban development. It further reconsiders its significance in the shaping of urban policies that can blur political boundaries. As one side is directed by strict planned urban policy, and the other is assembled by organic and expedient necessity, the cross-border economy and its built environment are displayed as a process of exchange and interaction that facilitate peculiar ways of city making. Living Borders is today a contested landscape. It nonetheless holds the future for an innovative, sustainable, and geo-economic urban paradigm.