20 싱가포르

White Space

Despite optimizing every square meter of livable space, a large number of urban voids exist in the city that awaits development. These voids can be seen as intentionally carved out “white spaces.” Going beyond the usual zoning guidelines that divide residential, industrial, and commercial, the Singapore installation takes this concept of white space to test new spatial typologies that respond to emerging socio-economic issues in Singapore. Four main challenges or opportunities are identified: demographic transformation, information revolution, resource redistribution, production reform. White Space is generated through the subtraction of a rectangular volume. While allowing visitors to flow through, it gives rise to a series of void spaces that await interventions. Lattices made out of the ubiquitous bamboo poles found in high-rise public housing represent the basic building blocks of the city. The folded aluminum composite panels that hug the lattice surfaces showcase eight strategies for dealing with the issues mentioned above. Through the confluence of environment, people and technology, diverse yet targeted experiments put their limits to the test. With these white spaces, we envision Singapore to become a prototype for the world.