26 로마

The Theatres of Culture: Ephemeral Projects for the Eternal City

In the late 70s, the mayor of Rome Giulio Carlo Argan and the deputy for culture Renato Nicolini, by bringing cultural activities in the streets, reacted to the mood of a city intimidated by terrorism. For the third edition of this initiative—called Estate Romana—a group of architects led by Franco Purini designed “Parco Centrale” (Central Park) an urban scale architectural project marked by four ephemeral structures located beyond the ancient city walls. In a city with scarce building activity, MAXXI presents an opportunity to reflect on the potentials of the “ephemeral” architecture that emerges from Estate Romana. Selected through the Future Architecture Platform, a pan-European program for the promotion of young designers, MAXXI has invited five international teams of young architects to create a new Parco Centrale consisting of five ephemeral installations next to five historic but abandoned movie-theatres in the city.