Madrid, a metacity in constant movement, is dreaming of a zero-energy future for its citizens. Clean Air has always been a treasured quality of Madrid and the city continues to fight against air pollution. Profound changes to Madrid’s socio-economic condition over the last 10 years have made it one of the most dynamic cities in Europe, a city that is implementing sustainable plans to significantly reduce destructive pollutants. Applied at three scales—the building scale, the urban scale, and the territorial scale—Madrid is creating low-emission zones, threading together initiatives that control pollutant emissions. It is converting highways and tunnels into green spaces and pedestrian areas. With the introduction of hydrogen, electric mobility and eco-neighborhoods, the city is en route to a zero-carbon footprint environment. Inside the installation, visitors are immersed in Madrid’s atmosphere. They transverse a city map, floating in between the map and the “clouds” that represent the city’s atmosphere; the images projected on the clouds depicting the energy that arises from Madrid.