After Past & Present: Determining the Future

This project looks at how Alexandria, legendary capital founded in 331BC alongside the Mediterranean Sea by Alexander the Great, currently
faces a combination of urban and environmental challenges. As Egypt’s second-largest urban center of six million people, the
Alexandria of today is experiencing the consequences of increasing extreme weather patterns, such as seawater-flooded streets which
aggravate the city’s already frail urban infrastructure and built environment. This project looks at future plans through proposed mega-projects
created under the auspices of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina for the redevelopment of the Eastern Harbor, a historic structure and location
of great significance since the city’s founding. By juxtaposing the city’s past, present, and possible future existences, this project illustrates
how the undetermined outcome of current city conditions will ultimately define its future identity. To achieve a future on a par with its
illustrious past, Alexandria must address its current vulnerabilities, and find mechanisms to adapt to environmental, technological, and economic
challenges—in order to envision a new Alexandrine urbanism for its future citizens.