Seoul Housing and Community Movements 1


Seoul Housing and Community Movements 1: Towards Open Communities

How is our neighborhoods in Seoul to be organized today? High-rise gated apartment complexes—equipped with comfortable living spaces, spacious parking lots, and plentiful community facilities—have been for decades dominant symbols of contemporary living in Seoul. However, the stagnation of the city’s growth has inevitably shifted our way of living towards different modalities. This exhibition presents Open Community project of the Seoul Housing and Communities Corporation (SH Corporation). It explores low-rise housing models that embrace both public and private living towards an “open community.” More diverse living forms and spaces are needed to satisfy changing lifestyles and households. Among the many initiatives taken by Seoul Metropolitan Government and SH Corporation to respond to these changes, Open Community proposes community spaces at the ground level of the low-rise units. This includes facilities for the elderly, daycare centers, libraries, and other shared programs. Not limited to residents, they are all open to the neighborhood and the public.