Seoul, Seongbuk

Seongbuk Kang Wesuck Saving Tree At Seongbukdong 2016 Video

Seongbuk Art Commons

Through a variety of local activist networks in visual arts, literature, and theater, Seongbuk-dong has long played an important role in modern Korean culture. Seongbuk Art Commons shows the way art as a commons
has been the basis of creating communities within the urban district of Seongbuk-gu, Seoul. Projects such as “Saving a Tree” and “Neighborhood Artist” were organized by the private network of Sharing Seongbuk Roundtable Conference, Seongbuk Visual Art Network, Cooperative Art Plug, and Making Seongbuk Samseon Art Village as well as public institutions such as the Seongbuk Cultural Foundation and the Seongbuk-gu Office. “Saving a Tree” was a symbolic project in which local residents and artists saved an old tree from being cut down by the municipality. It symbolizes the life and the connectivity of more than 30 art spaces in the area. The installation introduces the Seongbuk Art Commons network and shows how it has transformed underused spaces into public spaces of art. It promotes a new model of urban life, one in which art and the neighborhood create a cohesive community