세운상가 ⓒ안세권

Sectioning Seoul

Seoul, a megacity of over 10 million people, is city that has undergone rapid economic growth. Lacking space to accommodate a rapidly growing population, Seoul incorporated its peripheral mountains as part of its expansion. The intermittent implementation of masterplans have produced many unexpected and disconnected levels in the city. This exhibition divides Seoul into four layers—underground, above ground, elevated, and hilly areas—to examine the various contexts of the boundaries accumulated in the process of urban development. The ways these four layers have been utilized (the low and deeply penetrating underground, high density flatlands, overpasses and public pathways for rapid transportation, and the mountains where alienated populations have settled—become clear, as Seoul has been sectioned into these layers. Sectioning Seoul presents new ways of understanding and utilizing the different layers of Seoul. With examples of how we can integrate overpasses into public space and how accessibility the undergrounds, it demonstrates the possibility of a brighter tomorrow for how we use Seoul’s different layers.