Partner Program: Retrospective Futures

Graphic Design By Hye Min Song

Retrospective Futures: Seoul Regeneration imagines the unique future of multi-layered Seoul through the lens of urban regeneration. After the development-led growth period characterized by complete demolition and redevelopment of apartment complexes, Seoul is creating a new future by rediscovering and utilizing many of its shared resources. A single perspective or solution cannot be applied to Seoul’s multidimensional and complex layers. Instead, locality-specific attitudes and critical views are required to appreciate the value systems that have developed over time in each locality, and different personalities need to integrate and function in an organic manner. Retrospective Futures attempts at critical re-evaluation of the meaning of Seoul urban regeneration by taking a step back from the comfort zone that the word “regeneration” has created. The discussion moves away from urban regeneration in a universal sense and deals with a more specific and subtle topic of different layers of meaning behind regeneration. Why do the localities need to connect in a multidimensional way? What is architectural welfare and its minimum standard? Is history preserved or reinterpreted? How are memories created? How can you create interest in a city? What are the conditions for human settlement? Retrospective Futures seeks to imagine the future of Seoul by finding answers to these detailed questions about regeneration.

Date: 2017.09.19.~2017.11.05.

Organized by: Urban Regeneration Headquarters, Seoul Metropolitan Government

Venue: Sewoon Sangga