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2021.09.06 - 11.09
  • The Call for Proposals / SBAU 2021

    The Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism 2021 (SBAU2021) is launching an international Call for Proposals (CFP) to identify the works that could be featured in the main exhibition of the SBAU 2021 with the intention of gathering works conducted or envisioned for one hundred cities from the five continents.

    The number of selected projects is not limited and all relevant projects may be selected. The selected proposals, provided they are technically and financially feasible, aim to be realized at the SBAU2021.

    Proposals must consider, either discussing and/or challenging the five intersecting figures of the SBAU 2021 to nourish our vision of the city:

    • Crossroad 1 (c1) on urbanism: ABOVE / BELOW
    • Crossroad 2 (c2) on architecture: HERITAGE / MODERN
    • Crossroad 3 (c3) on design: CRAFT / DIGITAL
    • Crossroad 4 (c4) on landscape: NATURAL / ARTIFICIAL
    • Crossroad 5 (c5) on the city: SAFE / RISK
  • Who Can Apply?

    The CFP wishes to bring together a great diversity of participants, not limited to professionals of the built environment. It is aimed at architects, town planners, all creators and organisations that contribute to the creation of cities and metropolises. The work will foster a salutary societal and/or scientific debate in a way that engages as large an audience as possible.

    • The Call for Proposals is open to individuals, institutions or organizations, or cross-disciplinary teams from individuals, institutions or organizations.
    • Team members may include but are not limited to: architects, designers, urban planners, landscapers, researchers, students (as a member of a team), writers, artists, critics.
    • Each team must appoint a Team Leader who will represent the group and act as the main contact during the entire process. The team leader cannot be a student.
  • What To Submit?

    The expected proposals showcase a project and an exhibition design, in other words, a CONTENT and a FORM.

    • Regarding the CONTENT, any project can be submitted: built (less than 10 years), unbuilt, theoretical, academic, fictional. Recent and unpublished projects will be preferred, and new proposals are welcome.
    • The proposal shall imperatively be applied to a specific city. The city can be anywhere around the world.
    • Regarding the FORM, the proposal should respect the Guidelines and the provided SBAU2021 exhibition concept plan. The proposal should match the allocated budget for their realization.
    • Schedule

      Please see below for the detailed schedule of the SBAU 2021 International Call for Proposals.

      • Launch of
        the Call for Proposals

        Friday, May 15, 2020
      • Deadline
        for Registration

        Monday, June 15, 2020
      • Deadline for Submission

        by midnight on:
        Wednesday, July 15, 2020
      • Selection Process

        Mid-July /
        Mid-September, 2020
      • Selected Teams

        October 2020